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Braid jute ribbon JU 100%
Cod.art. 13-1H12 - mm 12
Braid jute ribbon JU 100%
Cod.art. 13-2H20 - mm.20
Braid jute ribbon JU 100%
Cod.art. 21-2H30 - mm.30
Jute and raffia braid Cod.art. 2402 - mm.14
Linen ribbon
Cod.art. LN921/8 - mm.8
Cod.art. LN921/15 - mm.15
Cod.art. LN921/30 - mm.30
Cod.art. LN921/45 - mm.45

Checkered ribbon
Cod.art. LN68370/18 - mm.18
Cod.art. LN68370/28 - mm.28
Checkered ribbon
Cod.art. LN68371/28 - mm.28
Checkered ribbon
Cod.art. LN68372/28 - mm.28
Checkered ribbon
Cod.art. LN68373/17 - mm.17
Cod.art. LN68373/27 - mm.27
Bleached jute ribbon
Cod.art. JS/10 - mm.10
Cod.art. JS/30 - mm.30
Cod.art. JS/45 - mm.45

Bleached linen ribbon
Cod.art. LN922/8 - mm.8
Cod.art. LN922/15 - mm.15
Cod.art. LN922/30 - mm.30
Cod.art. LN922/45 - mm.45
Unbleached jute ribbon
Cod.art. JN/10 - mm.10
Cod.art. JN/30 - mm.30
Cod.art. JN/45 - mm.45

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